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I remember
neither my mother’s smile nor my father’s lessons. The first thing that comes to my mind when I think about my childhood is running. I took what I needed and ran, ran as fast as I could. I am the thief, cunning and wary. The best thief in Hadrion.
My city...
It's beautiful on the outside, but rotten from the inside. Its dark alleys hide the abyss of crimes and vices, and the adepts of the evil cult are disguised as the respectable citizens here.
The cult members
call themselves the Death Deniers and have devious plans. They want to free the bloodthirsty Old Gods, imprisoned in the eerie dungeon under the city, and return themselves the power over Hadrion.
The only ones
who can stop them are the adepts of the Fraternity of Shadows. We are the assassins, rejected by society for the crime of breaking its rules. But we have our own rules.
We are powerful
and prepared to do anything to prevent the cult members from opening the gates of darkness, but we can’t do it alone. I ask for your help, my friend. We can save this city together!
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